Different solutions that cover a certain project are analyzed and evaluated, optimizing response times that speed up the results effectively and efficiently.

  • Process analysis and accounting administrative calculations
  • Payroll
  • General Accounting
  • Debts to pay
  • Accounts receivable
  • Cash Flow
  • Budget and valuations
  • Survey and execution of requirements vs. IT solutions
  • Detailed engineering in projects with technological equipment


Different telecommunications projects for LAN and WAN networks are coordinated, designed and executed, as well as ISE projects in the area of ​​technology under a working methodology that gives our clients the best guarantee of automation, installation and security for their networks vs. shared resources.

  • Analysis of base plans provided by the customer
  • Analysis of the general project focused on the technology discipline
  • Design and analysis of the project by specialty
  • CDP and CCS adjustments
  • Metric calculations
  • Equipment Calculations
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Structured Cabling (UTP)
  • Fiber optic (Single mode – Multimode)
  • IP and analog telephony
  • Data room and servers
  • Access control and assistance
  • Alarms (Motion Sensor – Impact Sensor)
  • Audio
  • videoconference
  • Server Virtualization
  • Security in computers and networks
  • Wireless links (Antennas)
  • Redundant Internet with multiple ISPs (SD-WAN)
  • Remote headquarters connection (Secure VPN-IPsec)


The applications designed and developed in a web environment, are clearly tailored and adjustable to the needs and constant advances in any sector. Being this influential and decisive advantage in future projections as an investment when betting on this type of development.

  • WEB solutions programming
  • Design and development of websites
  • Configuration and administration of internet services

Functional Structure

General Directive
  • Administrative coordination
  • Budgets and valuations
  • Billing and collection
  • General Accounting
IT Project Management
  • IT project integration
  • Database Administration
  • Design and generation of reports
  • Analysis and processing of accounting administrative calculations
  • Level I interface programming
  • Programming level II CRUD operations
  • Programming level III update and compatibility
LAN and WAN Telecommunications Coordination
  • Data room adjustments
  • Server intonation
  • Network security
  • DHCP Administration
  • Topology design and update
  • Wired and wireless device configuration
  • Telephony settings
Specialized Technical Support
  • End user support
  • PC and laptop repair
  • Application installation and configuration
  • Share Settings
  • Mailbox Creation
Security Systems
  • Intonation of sensors and alarm
  • CCTV policy implementation and maintenance
  • Configuration and biometric access control records
WEB Solutions
  • Graphic design
  • Web programming
  • Administration of registration of domains, lodgings and related mailboxes
  • Hosting and content update for related sites or web pages
ISE Projects
  • Project Coordination
  • Architecture, projection and calculations
  • Field work supervision
  • Execution of field work by a group of workers